Is anything made in the USA, anymore?

I have had a couple of recent successes in the ongoing quest to “Buy American.”

First is the discovery of Bonobos. Bonobo is a a men’s clothing manufacturer selling pants and other menswear made from well sourced fabrics here in the USA. And to top that, they’re damn good pants.
I’ve known about Bonobos for quite a while, partially because of my interest in the chimps that have the same name. I was keeping up on current chimp research and came across the men’s clothing link on Google. They hooked me with something like men’s clothes for men that don’t like to shop. When I first looked at their offerings they were limited, and I felt, fairly expensive. I didn’t need, or felt I could afford, $100 pants at the time.
Last month I saw an ad for Bonobos on Facebook promoting a clearance sale, so I took a look. Their selection had increased considerably, even just considering the sale items. I found a blue denim jeans on sale for $30 and went for it. They arrived quickly in a box with all sorts of how to return if unsatisfied info jumping out at me, but there was no need. They looked and felt good in my hands. Hefty fabric, rivets, deep pockets, sturdy zipper, these felt like a good piece of work. Putting them on confirmed my feelings, they fit well, and felt very comfortable. They still do now weeks later.

My other USA purchase success was inspired by one of my least favorite experiences, a TSA search at Stapleton Airport. I have been trying to avoid plastic and “disposable” anythings, for a while and lighters are a pernicious contributor to the waste stream I wanted to avoid. I had found a mostly metal, Ronson refillable butane lighter for a very reasonable price months ago and had been happy with it. It made it to Denver with me in my checked luggage! but on the way home I left it in my carry on, along with a “one hitter” and some rolling papers.

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